We are all creative. Yes, even you.

Craft Your Life Workshops designs and facilitates personal development workshops through art projects.  Workshops are designed for the artist in all of us, with step-by-step facilitation.

We work with a variety of clients from individuals, groups, and businesses to offer a unique creative experience that allows you to liberate your creativity. All of our workshops start with interactive exercises and end with an art project that you can display at home or work.

Our core belief is that we are ALL creative. 

Being creative is an indispensable outlet,

and through creativity,

we are able to elevate other areas of our lives.

My Story 

What's missing?

It's something I asked myself a few years ago while I was working in a large corporation and feeling pretty detached from my work and my vitality. For me, the answer was creativity. All my life, I have been creative. As a habitual creative, I have studied painting and drawing, but have also taught myself (often with the help of Youtube) hundreds of crafting and creative techniques.

When I brought creativity back into my life, from painting in my living room, to having friends over to make succulent gardens, I saw changes. Good ones. I found myself painting late into the night and being fully engaged in the moment, trusting the process and trusting myself.  Even when a painting or project didn't turn out as I expected, I learned about adaptability and flexibility - and  was rewarded with a sense pride and accomplishment. And these benefits of creativity didn't stay in the silo of my 'creative' life. It also seeped into my relationships and my work. 

Having spent my career ebbing and flowing between entrepreneurial ventures and corporate gigs, I decided - with all the courage that creativity had given me - to take a leap and start Craft Your Life Workshops.  To bring creativity  into the lives of other people who may feel that they need to get back to, or find something they can get excited about.  I chose to create this movement to liberate your creativity! Because we are all innately creative, and creativity is a vital part of our existence.

And since none of us are one-dimensional, I also started worksmart - where I deliver  corporate training experiences that engage creativity and innovative thinking at every level of an organization. Our methods help companies discover and utilize the innate creativity of their people - because everyone has good ideas. By fostering  creativity, you unleash a wealth of ideas that benefit your business, your people, and your community. 

Van Lai-DuMone, Founder & Workshop Facilitator

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