I attended the Let Your Light Shine workshop in San Diego, Ca. I really like how Van encouraged the group to get to know each other and interact to help us get our creative juices flowing. She had us go around and write down a few positive initial impressions about each other, and this in itself was very enlightening. It was encouraging and motivating to see how others viewed me. This really sparked my creativity when it came time to create my profile vision board. Van did a great job of inspiring us with her words and examples.

My silhouette vision board still hangs in my office as a constant reminder of my authentic self, all the things I love and have achieved, and my dreams for myself. It reminds me that anything is possible, all I have to do is create it!
— Jenn Culver, Entrepreneur (MyTravelFit)

I attended Van’s Intention Board workshop. I have absolutely no artistic natural talent. However, that did not matter. It was a blast creating a self-expressive art piece! The workshop was more about guiding me to dig within and find my current personal goals and challenges, then key in on specific areas I want to set intentions for in 2016. It felt great to set aside this time to self-reflect and map out a path for achievement.

My take-home art piece is a great reminder of one of my goals for this year. I currently have it up on my front room shelf to remind me to ‘stay focused’ each time I walk by it. I look forward to taking another workshop with Van soon!
— Jesse Bonner, Advertising Sales Director (USA Today)

I attended a workshop that involved painting a vision board. It was great! The setting was positive and vibrant. Van really created a fun and interesting event for us. I will definitely be doing another one!
— Andi Wang, Attorney (Udell Wang LLP)

I have to admit - I was a little skeptical about a craft workshop. But that initial skepticism makes the absolute joy I experienced even more remarkable. First of all, Van herself is pure joy - she’s smart and funny and kind - you can’t help but want to hang out. And, amazingly, while she’s incredibly talented as an artist - I never felt “less than”- because her true gift is making everyone around the table feel talented in their own way. Her supplies were of the highest quality, and I actually loved the piece of art I made - which is rare indeed. Also - the workshop included a bit of thinking and reflecting which we rarely find time for in the mad rush of daily life. I could go on - but just sign up for a workshop already!
— - Sasha Stern, Attorney

When I first met Van, I was immediately drawn to her inspirational vision. I knew attending one her events would be just what the doctor ordered.

As a full-time working mom of two, wife, teacher and all the other titles we women carry these days, I was in need of some “me time”. Her event, hosted in her beautiful backyard studio allowed me to let go of the daily demands that we all get so tied up in, and instead take a few deep breaths and reflect on what’s important.

At this particular event we were asked to write about ourselves from the perspective of our best friend. What would my best friend say are my best qualities? That’s so much easier than writing from my own perspective! After writing, we got to paint and create a beautiful piece of art that still sits in my bedroom today reminding me of my best self. So, when the days are long and the demands are high, I look at my painting and am reminded of my best self and to take time for me.

This is definitely something special that would enhance anyone on a personal and professional level. I can’t wait to attend another workshop!
— Victoria Hanlon, Educator